Leaders Speak

Given the importance to this nation of our continued economic success, this section is designed to serve as a platform for recognized business leaders to share their personal observations and concerns regarding the importance of leadership, competitiveness and the role of disciplined fiscal policies in strengthening and maintaining stable and sustainable global economic markets.

Articles submitted for consideration should be rigorously non-partisan in approach and seek to avoid divisive social issues more appropriately addressed outside the context of responsible fiscal policy.

Articles submitted for this section are encouraged to focus primarily on discussion and exploration of the linkages, past and present, between government fiscal policy and sustainable, long term growth and prosperity of our economy.

Commentary addressing the significance and benefits of requiring government agencies to follow their own, government-imposed standards for comparable private activity is actively solicited.

This section is to be considered as a resource portal for thoughtfully constructed reference articles, and accordingly, is not intended to serve or operate as a blog post.

For further information, either give us a call or contact us by email at LeadersSpeak@InformedMajority.com

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