As with volunteers, we are always looking for sponsors interested in furthering our mission of getting out the word.

We are structured as a non-profit, grassroots organization with the intention of achieving a nationwide impact. While ours is fundamentally an educational mission, we have not yet been granted status as a tax-deductible organization. Given the nature of our work, and political sensitivity to many of the issues we must address, we are first and foremost concerned with maintaining an independent voice as public watchdog and guardian of the citizens’ voice. We thank you for any support you may care to provide, but caution that we will not compromise the content of our message or the effectiveness of our mission in order to satisfy a technical requirement of the internal revenue service.

Inherently non-political in our approach, we are principally concerned with the restoration and strengthening of our core democratic principles and recognizing the need for a fiscally sustainable model of representative government. We welcome and encourage the support and participation of interested citizens, businesses, and civic organizations.

Whether through volunteer participation, direct or in-kind financial contributions, direct advertising or endorsements – we welcome your enthusiastic support of our mission.

Given the magnitude and urgency of the crisis we face, we would be particularly grateful to any corporate sponsors who might be willing to lend their names and resources to this effort. We cannot offer much in return, other than to list your companies as major supporters of the values we espouse and message we hope to share. Your endorsement of this site is an endorsement of our essential American values and a statement of your belief in the importance and long term sustainability of our nation and values we represent.

Elsewhere on the site, you find a section titled Leaders Speak. Given the importance to this nation of our continued economic success, we are creating a section titled "Leaders Speak." This area is designed to serve as a platform for recognized business leaders to share their personal observations and concerns regarding the importance of leadership and the role of free markets in restoring transparency and fiscal discipline at all levels of the government and to the public institutions for which it is answerable. For further information, either give us a call or contact us by email at LeadersSpeak@InformedMajority.com.

Sustainable communities, like nations, do not just happen. One aim of Informed Majority is to make the connection between community-level financial conditions and the long term health of their communities. Successful communities are the product of active civic engagement and participation of their residents. We hope you will spend the time to explore our site. We welcome your questions. If you would like to learn more or become more involved, please visit our PROJECT UFO to learn more.