UFO Debt Accumulator

Disclaimer: The UFO Debt Accumulator is just that, it seeks to represent the accumulated total of all publicly reported unfunded OPEB obligations at the state and local level. Owing to the complexity of multi-level and inter-agency reporting and disclosure requirements, the same underlying liability may be simultaneously reported by more than one agency or jurisdiction thereby resulting in a correspondingly inflated and overstated total.

Detailed reporting results for each individual reporting jurisdiction – city, county, district, agency - may be found using the QUERY process. Again, to emphasize, the reported liability for a given jurisdiction or agency may also be reflected by a parent or umbrella agency or organization. On the basis of "What we don’t know, we are powerless to influence or change" - the central value of this database is as a record, in increasingly granular detail, of the associated unfunded liabilities for the smallest reporting units of our local government operations.

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